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Today's Prayer Times Monthly Schedule
Prayer Time Iqama
Fajr 6:04 AM 06:20 AM
  Sunrise : 7:23 AM
Zhur 12:29 PM 12:45 PM
Asr 3:12 PM 03:30 PM
Maghrib 5:34 PM 05:45 PM
Isha 6:54 PM 07:10 PM
Friday Prayer: 1:15 PM
On Sundays when Islamic School is in session
Zuhr Iqama: 1:30 PM

Upcoming Events
Community Monthly Gathering - 02/13/2016

Dinner Time: After Maghrib Prayer

Darul Arqum Islamic Center invites you to attend our community monthly gathering, Dinner and one sorah Quran Competition for kids 15 y/o and younger any Sora from Al-Dhuha to Aln-Nas.

Everyone, single and familes, are invited to dinner at the Majid. No cooking is required, just come and bring your family and friends.

Make sure you encourage your kid(s) to participate. Fun activities for adults as well.

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Islamic Center of Ames Condemns the terrorists attack in Paris

The Islamic Center of Ames condemns the barbaric terrorist attacks on French civilians. These acts are totally unacceptable and outrageous. We condemn these terrorist attacks in the strongest possible terms.

They may call themselves "Islamic State" but their actions are barbaric and against the teachings of Islam.

Our prayers are with those innocent people who were murdered or hurt in any way, by these terrorists. We strongly urge that these criminals be brought to justice and meet the full force of the law.

Islamic Center of Ames
1212 Iowa Ave.
Ames, IA 50010

Second Friday Prayer

The Islamic Center will host two Friday prayers starting Friday January 15th. The first Friday prayer will start at 12:15, the second one will start at 1:15.

Quran Halaqa
For Improving Memorization and Recitation

The new days are Thursdays and Sundays, after Ishaa.

By: Ahmed Saman
Community Extend Support To Ames Muslims

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