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Community Iftar Invitation this Saturday (July 2, 2016)

Today's Prayer Times Monthly Schedule
Prayer Time Iqama
Fajr 4:01 AM 04:20 AM
  Sunrise : 5:42 AM
Zhur 1:19 PM 01:30 PM
Asr 5:22 PM 05:40 PM
Maghrib 8:54 PM 08:55 PM
Isha 10:37 PM 10:40 PM
Friday Prayer: 1:15 PM
On Sundays when Islamic School is in session
Zuhr Iqama: 1:30 PM

Lecture Series by Imam Jaily
Topic: Lessons from Prophet Mohammed's Life.
Date: July 2
Time: After Zuhr Prayer.
Community Iftar Invitation this Saturday (July 2, 2016)
This Saturday's community Iftar (July 2, 2016) will be a sponsored catered Iftar isA. JAK to the sponsors. Moreover, side dishes such as salad, appetizers, desert, and drinks are still welcomed.
Location: Darul Arqum Islamic Center
Zakat Al-Fitr ($10/Person)
Zakat Al-Fitr is $10 per person. It is recommended to pay your Zakat Al-Fitr ASAP and before Monday July 4th, so we can be able to distribute it for needy people IsA.
Payments should be placed in an envelope labeled "Zakat Al-Fitr" and dropped in the donation box.

For all Zakat Al-Fitr needs, please email (info@arqum.org) or contact our Zakat coordinator on (515-441-0231).
Ramadan 1437/2016 Calendar
You can download our Ramadan Calendar from here: RamadanCalendar2016.pdf
Babsitting Dues
Please, do not forget to pay your babysitting dues. A minimal payment of $1 a night per child. Please, put your payment into a labeled envelope and drop it into any donation box.
The Islamic Center of Ames Condemns the Attacks in Florida
The Islamic Center of Ames condemns the barbaric terrorist attacks in Florida. These acts are totally unacceptable and outrageous. We condemn these terrorist attacks in the strongest possible terms. Islam does not provide any excuse for any Muslim to attack innocent civilians in the name of Islam. Our heartfelt condolences goes to all the grieving families and friends. We pray that Allah guide us all toward justice and peace

Islamic Center of Ames
1212 Iowa Ave.
Ames, IA 50010

Donation Drive for Ames Shelter
Please donate these items so Islamic Center of Ames (DAIC) can donate them to Ames Shelter.
Food items: Non-sugary cereals (e.g., Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Cheerios), Tuna cans, Peanut butter, Sugar, and Kool-Aid.
Household Items: Toilet papers, Paper towels, Dish soap, Laundry soap, and Bleach.
Please drop off food & household items in the designated donation boxes next to the Islamic Center’s entrance

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