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Today's Prayer Times Monthly Schedule
Prayer Time Iqama
Fajr 5:43 AM 06:00 AM
  Sunrise : 6:59 AM
Zhur 1:09 PM 01:30 PM
Asr 4:36 PM 05:10 PM
Maghrib 7:17 PM 07:25 PM
Isha 8:34 PM 08:50 PM
Friday Prayer: 1:15 PM
On Sundays when Islamic School is in session
Zuhr Iqama: 1:30 PM

Sunday Islamic School - Fall semester
Islamic school will recommence on the Sep 17th (10.30 am - 1.30 pm).
Registration and fees will take place on the Sunday, Sep 10th  at 12 pm.  New students are accepted.
Fees for the first student is $50, the second is $40, the third is $30 and the forth is $20.  Scholarships are available on a per need basis. 
Friday Jumma Prayers
Please note that currently TWO  Jumma prayers  are offered at DAIC.  The first one starts at 12.15 pm whereas the regular one is at 1:15 pm.

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