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Today's Prayer Times Monthly Schedule
Prayer Time Iqama
Fajr 4:32 AM 05:10 AM
  Sunrise : 6:03 AM
Zhur 1:22 PM 01:30 PM
Asr 5:19 PM 05:50 PM
Maghrib 8:38 PM 08:45 PM
Isha 10:12 PM 10:20 PM
Friday Prayer: 1:15 PM
On Sundays when Islamic School is in session
Zuhr Iqama: 1:30 PM

Community Potluck Iftar - Thursday, July 16th

Please join us for our last community potluck Iftar on this Thursday, July 16th.

Eid Ul-Fitr - Friday, July 17th

Eid Prayer Time: 8:30 AM
Refreshments will be served after Eid Prayer

Eid Dinner: 7:30 PM on the evening of Eid

Kid's Gifts: Kid's gifts will be served after dinner. You can sign up the kids, forms are on the bulletin boards of the Masjid.

Parking Note: Please make sure you parked only at designated spots. Do not block fire lanes and neighbors' driveways.

Single's Iftar 2015 - Please Sign up

Insha-Allah, this year our Masjid will offer Iftar for singles in the Masjid.

If you are interested, please use the link to sign up.

Note: There is no cost to participate in the Iftar program

Community Extend Support To Ames Muslims
Quran Halaqa

For Improving Memorization and Recitation

Every Friday and Saturday, after Isha Prayer

By: Ahmed Saman
Coverage in Newspapers
April 10th, 2011 Article
May 09 2013, Ames Tribune 

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