Tuesday, August 04, 2020


Asalamoalaikum everyone,
The DAIC Board has come to the difficult decision to close the Islamic Center to the public, effective April 24, 2020. The Islamic Center doors will be locked, and no one will be allowed in for daily prayers or events until notice is given. This decision was not made lightly. Each year during Ramadan, there is an influx of attendees for prayers, iftar, and other DAIC events. These gatherings are not only unsafe in the current conditions but would also go against the direct order from Iowa's Governor, Kim Reynolds. If the Islamic Center were to continue holding events and prayers, it would be liable to legal action. Both the state of Iowa and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have restrictions against gathering in groups, and guidelines for religious gatherings dictate postponing or canceling events with people standing close together or large groups. As some parts of the country start opening this decision might seem a little odd to some but we have to abide by the rules and guidelines imposed by the state authorities. 
You can read the statements issued by the Iowa Department of Public Health by clicking the link below
Here is latest guideline from Fiqh Council of North America 
For these reasons and with the safety of the community in mind, the Board has decided to close the Islamic Center until the restrictions from the Governor are lifted. We are hopeful that we will be able to hold Eid prayers and celebrations together InshaAllah, but that is not certain at this time. The Board will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as things progress. 
As we miss praying and gathering together, let this test remind us how blessed we are as community to have an Islamic Center where we can worship Allah SWT. Let us make dua to Allah SWT to allow us to worship Him again in this blessed place. Let us pray to Allah SWT to protect us all from this dangerous disease. 
If you have any advice or concerns for the board the most effective way to reach the board is through email at iceb@arqum.org. Posting comments on public forum such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc. will just cause inconvenience to others without your concerns reaching to the board members who made these decisions. 
We are also helping families that need support during the ongoing crisis by providing financial assistance or delivering food to their doorstep if needed. If you know any person or family who needs support during this difficult time, please share the phone number listed below with them or call the number directly between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM daily. The phone number to use is 515-708-5264.
We are also planning to organize some online Islamic lectures, programs etc. during the month of Ramadan. More updates will be provided soon.
We continue to encourage everyone to spend time praying, making dua, and reading Quran, especially as we enter Ramadan. Though we cannot gather together physically, it is important to remember one another and make dua for all Muslims.
JazakumAllah Khair,
DAIC Board
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