Saturday, August 18, 2018


Eid-al-Adha prayer and dinner
Eid Mubarak! Eid-al-Adha prayer (Aug 21, Tues, 8.30 AM) There will be only ONE prayer on Tuesday (Aug 21) at 8.30 AM at the Islamic Center.   Eid dinner (Aug 24, Fri, 6 PM) The dinner will be on Friday (Aug 24) starting at 6 PM at the Moore Memorial Park (3050 Northridge Pkwy, Ames)   DAIC wishes a happy Eid for all Muslims in Ames and all over the world!  
Udhiyah/qurbani lambs in Ames
Assalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi,   DAIC has the pleasure to announce that it can organize lambs for udhiyah/qurbani in Ames. There is a limited number of lambs. Prices range between 180 and 220 depending on lamb size. Fortunately, there will not be additional charges as some brothers volunteer to slaughter and process. We plan to start the sacrifice on the 1st Eid day (Aug 21) around 11:00 am.   Those who are interested please text/see Imam Jaily (312-763-0317) or Br.
DAIC Volunteer
Support OUR Darul Arqum Islamic Center!
Now, supporting OUR Darul Arqum masjid is easy and simple with automatic monthly donations! YOUR support is crucial! Can you give a small monthly payment of $10 or more for 10 months? Aisha (RA) narrated, “The most beloved action to Allah's Messenger (SAW) was regular constant deeds even if they were few”. Let the rewards lavishly multiply in the month of giving…Use the below link to immediately setup a monthly (recurring) giving plan using your credit card or e-check!
Camp for Adults
Age limit: 18+ (brothers only) Registration deadline: Thursday, February 22 Registration link:
Second Friday Prayer
The Islamic Center will host two Friday prayers starting Friday January 15th. The first Friday prayer will start at 12:15, the second one will start at 1:15.
The Islamic school will start the spring semester on the 24th of January
The Islamic school will start the spring semester on Sunday the 24th of January in shaa Allah. The school will be from 10:30- 1:30.
Islamic Center of Ames Condemns the terrorists attack in Paris
The Islamic Center of Ames condemns the barbaric terrorist attacks on French civilians. These acts are totally unacceptable and outrageous. We condemn these terrorist attacks in the strongest possible terms. They may call themselves "Islamic State" but their actions are barbaric and against the teachings of Islam. Our prayers are with those innocent people who were murdered or hurt in any way, by these terrorists. We strongly urge that these criminals be brought to justice and meet the full
Community Extend Support To Ames Muslims
Outpouring of Support - Ames Tribune:  
Quran Halaqa For Improving Memorization and Recitation
Every Friday and Saturday, after Isha Prayer   By: Ahmed Saman