Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Interfaith Dinner - Sep 30 (Sunday) - 6 PM
WHAT: A friendly dinner between Ames Muslims and Story City community 
             (mainly from Lutheran church and others from the city) - hosted by St. Petri Lutheran church            
WHEN: Sunday (Sep 30) at 6 PM to 7.30 PM
WHERE: St. Petri Lutheran Church, 804 Grand Ave, Story City, IA
NUMBER OF INVITEES (both brothers and sisters): 50 (RSVP REQUIRED)
Please RSVP in the below link to indicate if you will be attending. The last date to sign up is Sep 28 (Friday). Or the signup will be closed once it reaches 50 people.
6.00 PM - Dinner (Halal options available, separate tables for brothers and sisters are also available)
6.40 PM - Short presentation on Christianity by Pastor Scott (5 - 7 min)
6.47 PM - Short presentation on Islam by Imam Mahjoob Jaily (5 - 7 min)
6.54 PM - Q & A with both speakers
7.15 PM - Maghreb prayer for Muslims (please bring prayer rugs) - other faith groups can observe
7.25 PM - Christian prayer (Muslims are welcome to observe their prayer)
It is appreciated if you can read these helpful guidelines/tips for the interfaith dinner http://bit.do/exrCS
For any questions, email secretary@arqum.org 
JazakumAllahu khairan!

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