Singles Iftar

We are delighted to announce that Darul Arqum Islamic Center is organizing a Singles Iftar this Ramadan. This gathering is a unique opportunity for single individuals in our community to join together in breaking their fast and enjoying the companionship and blessings of this holy month.

Join the Singles Iftar Group

To participate in the Singles Iftar, we invite you to join our dedicated group ( This will assist us in planning effectively and ensuring a memorable experience for everyone involved. The last day to join will be 2/29/2024

Delicious Iftar Menu

The iftar will feature a nourishing and delicious meal including aromatic basmati rice with either chicken or beef, a fresh salad, a refreshing drink, and an assortment of sweets (if applicable).

Contribution Details

To support this event, we are requesting a donation of at least $100 per participant for the entire month. This donation based fee is as well open to public who wants to contribute to Singles Iftar and be rewared inshAllah for providing iftar to others. Donations can be made through:

Your Participation is Valuable

Your participation is essential for us to determine the number of attendees and to organize this event successfully. Your contribution, both through presence and support, will help make this iftar a remarkable occasion and strengthen the ties within our community.